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Behind the Lens

Hello! I’m Margaret, but most call me Margy. I have always loved photography, even at a young age. I was that kid that always carried a disposable camera in her backpack, taking pictures of friends at lunch. In high school, I learned the basics of photography and developing film in a darkroom. Only recently did I pick a camera up again, and jumped into digital photography. I completely fell in love with the art again. My favorite captures are the candid, genuine moments that tell a story. Images of love, connection and personality that you will not grow tired of looking at over and over again.  

I consider myself a natural light photographer, specializing in both family lifestyle, as well as landscape and vineyard. Born and raised in St. Helena, I know how much hard work and dedication the wine industry takes, from the vineyard to the bottle. I believe my love for this valley shows in my images; I aim to capture its beauty and all the elements that keep the industry going. Thank you for looking at my work. Get in touch with me HERE for any of your photography needs. Let me help tell your story!